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Exoflea™ - Electric Flea Comb
Exoflea™ - Electric Flea Comb
Exoflea™ - Electric Flea Comb
Exoflea™ - Electric Flea Comb
Exoflea™ - Electric Flea Comb
Exoflea™ - Electric Flea Comb
Exoflea™ - Electric Flea Comb
Exoflea™ - Electric Flea Comb
Exoflea™ - Electric Flea Comb
Exoflea™ - Electric Flea Comb

Exoflea™ - Electric Flea Comb

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Just like humans can get lice, pets can also get ticks and fleas. Fleas are itchy, stubborn, and cause many diseases. So, stun away the itch or your paw-ed buddies with Exoflea™ in an old-school way, by combing them.

Its' a Portable Pet Flea Comb that will hunt down every single flea on your pet's fur by releasing an electric charge through the comb bristles. A charge strong enough to kill and remove those tiny pests off of your pet. However, insignificant to cause any harm to your pets.


  • Micro-Current Mechanism: Exoflea™ emits a slight amount of current through the comb bristles. The bristles go deep in the fur and kill pests on contact and remove them as well.

  • Real-Time Observation: Simply use Exoflea™ on your pet and notice how many pests have you killed and removed, saving almost 90 percent of your time as compared to traditional methods.
  • Grooms and Stuns: Exoflea™ is also a comb as well as a pest remover. You can groom your pet with it anytime while making sure that each combing session will reduce the number of fleas hiding deep inside your pet's coat.

  • Handy and Stable: It has a rugged handle that gives a perfect grip to grab and operate the device smoothly.
  1. To Comb: Turns on the current supply
  2. To Eject: Hides the bristles to let go of the Fleas.
  • Safe and Non- Toxic: Exoflea™ requires no direct power supply. It is cordless and requires two dry cell batteries to function. So, there is no use of any poisonous chemical and the operation is also very easy and safe that even a kid can operate it.

Frequently asked questions:

Does Flea Comb work on all types of pet hair? Yes, Flea Comb adapts to work on all pet hairs: short, long, curly & more!

My Dog/Cat is fragile, will it feel the electric discharge? No, Flea Comb is safe to use and will not cause any harm or discomfort to your pet.

Will this scare my Dog/Cat? Flea Comb releases a soft electric discharge that triggers a gentle sound, so it definitely won't frighten your pet.

Does this work with batteries? Yes, Flea Comb uses two AA batteries (not included).


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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews

Got the product a few days back. It was nicely packed and was delivered on time.
I love it and my cat also loves it.
It surely saves time and energy.
You can hold it at a 90-degree angle for best results as i have observed.
I am buying another for a friend.


This flea comb does just what the description says. It finds and zaps the fleas and other pests hiding in the hair. It is easy to remove them after zapping with the use of bristles. It is a very innovative idea.
I recommend it to everyone having a dog or cat.


This little gadget is awesome. It really works, my dog is allergic to fleas, I give her flea pills from the vet, which work, but sometimes when we go for a walk, she will get a flea or two, so I saw this and thought why not. It really works and my dog doesn't mind being combed with it. It does a zap, but it's not noticeable. It's really easy to use, good simple instructions.
I recommend.


I have a dog shelter and we rescue and feed stray dogs that are abandoned or lost. We have more than 30 dogs and it is the best product to remove fleas if they have any. I carry it daily in my pocket and groom them personally. It is very helpful for me and these dogs. Earlier, i used different shampoos and oils on them which used to take a lot of time to work and i always have the fear that the other dogs might catch the flea from each other. So, overall it is a good product and i am thinking to buy some more units because we rescue dogs all the time and they come with a lot of pests and fleas.


I turned off the device and combed my dog gently with it so he could be familiar with it. When I turned it on, he wasn't surprised or frightened. He liked it and figured out right away his fleas disappeared without anything stinky on him.
I hope you try it. It works.
I bought two. One for my Dog and one for my sister's Cat.


My cat is allergic to ticks and i have tried a lot of medicines and shampoos for my dog but she eventually started losing more and more fur. Then i saw it online and ordered it. It was received on time and it works just like the description says. the best part is that you can take your pet out and remove their ticks as it is a portable device. I am thinking to buy one for my father. He will love it.

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