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Nano Gel Pad
Nano Gel Pad
Nano Gel Pad
Nano Gel Pad
Nano Gel Pad
Nano Gel Pad
Nano Gel Pad

Nano Gel Pad

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Stick Your Phone Anywhere

We recommend buying at least 2pcs

Our Nano Gel Pads are made of eco-friendly material. It can stick anywhere and does not leave any trace after being removed. 


  • Phones (small or large)
  • Small Tablets and eReaders
  • Keys, earrings, jewellery
  • Small cameras and speakers

... and a lot more!


Glass, walls (including walls with wallpaper), rubber, steel, metal, wood, plastic, tile & leather. 

Does it stick inside a car?

Yes, you can stick it in any car window or dashboard or steering wheel.

Will this leave any stickiness after removing?

No, after applying very little pressure you can peel off the gel pad from any surface and it won't leave behind any residue.

Can I use this to record videos?

Of course! All you need to do is stick the gel pad on a wall or glass. Stick your phone with selfie mode onto the gel pad and start recording. Peel off when finished.

How many times can I use this?

This product is made of a unique material that remains sticky even after hundreds of peel offs. If dust causes stickiness to fade, simply wash with normal room temperature water and its back in action.


  1. Remove the protective film attached directly to the surface of the gel pad, and press all over the gel to make the grip stronger.
  2. Peel off the gel pad from sticking surface by applying a little pressure and re-use.

This nano gel pad can withstand up to 350gm weight, so we recommend not to exceed this weight to prevent your stuff from falling down.  


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