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10Pcs Windshield Glass Cleaner
10Pcs Windshield Glass Cleaner
10Pcs Windshield Glass Cleaner
10Pcs Windshield Glass Cleaner
10Pcs Windshield Glass Cleaner
10Pcs Windshield Glass Cleaner
10Pcs Windshield Glass Cleaner

10Pcs Windshield Glass Cleaner

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In addition to dust, automotive glass dust, there are insects, sludge, asphalt, saltwater, branches, fingerprints, soot, plastic volatiles.
It’s a high-performance cleaner. Mix it directly with clean water and add it to the wiper kettle.
It has a lubricating effect on the surface of the wiper rubber, has an anti-ageing function, maintains flexibility and prolongs its service life.


PROTECT THE GLASS: Car effervescent washer not only suitable for cleaning car's glass, but also reduce friction, protect glass surface and extend the service life of wiper blades. Suitable for mirror cleaning, window cleaning and tile cleaning.

NO TRACES/DAMAGE: This car clean washer tablet does not cause damage to the glass surface, helping to maintain the car windshield protective film, which can soften the wiper and reduce noise. It leaves no trace or reflection for more visibility and safety. Clean window and safe driving.

ECONOMICAL & EFFICIENT: This car windshield effervescent tablet can help you a lot, just 1 piece tablet with 4 liters of water, you will get 4 liters of windshield glass washer, giving a cleanup to glass, greatly reducing the friction of the wiper blade and glass, and comprehensive protection to meet your long-term needs.

EFFECTIVE PERFORMANCE: this washer tablet has strong dirt removing performance, can effectively remove the harmful and stagnant dirt even if it is invisible.

VERSATILE: our versatile effervescent tablets are not only suitable for automotive glass, but also practical for kitchen use, it is versatile that removes the kitchen stains and floor stains well.

SAVE YOUR MONEY: Our Versatile Effervescent tablets Tablets will help you to save costs.1 tablet+4L water= 4L windshield washer, you will get 240 liters of windshield glasswasher. Fully dissolved without residue.

ADVANCED QUALITY: No measuring, no spills, no mess or plastic bottles to dispose of and no storage. Dissolve thoroughly. Note: Please be aware that this is a summer formulation.


  • Open the water storage tank of the windshield wiper.
  • Put in a piece of windshield glass concentrated washer tablet.
  • Pour water into the water tank.
  • Wash the windshield glass with a wiper.

10 x Windshield Glass Cleaner


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Customer Reviews

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With these tablets, all you have to do is drop the tablet in and add water. I did use a small rod to help dissolve the tablet a little faster. Tried this out on really dirty windows and did have to apply it several times but it did clean them. When there's dried on bird poop, it does take a few squirts for it to come off. Dirt/dust take 1-2 times depending on how much is on there. Light dust comes off with no issues. Used 1 of these tablets to refill a window cleaner bottle and with a little shake, it cleans mirrors and windows streak free. Cleans just as good as other window cleaners. Doesn't take a lot to use either. Saved so much money.


I was surprised how good these work. I would defiantly purchase more once I run out. Yes I would recommend thus item. Once my window cleaner from home runs out too I will start using them for everything as it cleans the window from my car very well.


Very economical. Probably best when used with distilled water to prevent water spots. Will add half a bottle of rubbing alcohol for winter use.


This is good for maintaining car windows. My wiper works smoothly and it is so clean. I am so happy for the result. I will never hesitate to buy another of these. Highly recommended guys!


I notice that it quickly dissolved well in the water and there is no residues traced on my cash after rinsing it. I notice that my car window has never been this clean. It looks good as new. Thanks to this washer tablets!


Individually wrapped , makes it nice to carry in car without the worry of a big container or mess. They do the work for you with their break down once added with water. Environmentally safe. Cleanup is a swipe.

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